A Quick Introduction

Hi there! Welcome to EMBOTworks.

My real name is Emily, but I often feel like a hardworking robot, moving from one task to the next!  As a new mom, creative entrepreneur, adventurous cook, and transient homesteader, I have a lot to keep me busy!

Always budget conscious, I work hard to grow, prepare, and eat nourishing food with my family, Scotbot and babybot.  We currently reside in the Pacific Northwest, but Scotbot’s career moves us around the country every few years.  Despite this transient lifestyle, I am determined to fulfill a dream of sustainable homesteading, connecting with community, and growing roots wherever we land.

I turn to my creative talents as a way to support this dream, as well as supporting a nourishing home for my growing family.  I make and sell customized greeting cards for celebrated occasions and holidays, as well as custom artwork for homes and nurseries.  Feel free to browse my gift shop and contact me with any questions regarding my work.

I hope you join me on my adventures as EMBOTworks! 

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