With a deep affinity for nature, gardening, art, kitchen creations, and health, my world as EMBOT is vast. Acknowledging that I often fall into the trap of going autopilot while juggling too many projects, I sometimes refer to myself as a busy bot in a busy world. The irony is that my fundamental focus in all my endeavors is to connect deeper to the humanity and life in which I live.

There are many things I wish I could change in this world, needless suffering, destruction to our fragile planet, mind numbing technology that distracts us from our present realities, to name a few. In an effort to make a difference in some small way and turn off the “bot” within, I have drifted my attention to the simplicity and goodness of vegetables. Encouraging others to get outside, put their hands in the dirt, and grow healthy local food is the contribution I hope to make.

EMBOTworks is about sharing stories and recipes from the garden to the table, and creating a few cute veggie friends along the way. I design and sell an original line of veggie cards, as well as a few other nature inspired creations, to support the expense of website upkeep. I love to work with individuals on custom order requests and have thoroughly enjoyed creating wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, and birthday invitations in the past.

Please check in every now and then to see what EMBOT is up to. I hope you find a story, recipe, or veggie friend that encourages you to get outside more, garden a bit, and eat the bounty of veggies!